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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–Back in 1979 the Costa Rican Flag Carrier LACSA decided to create a spin-off airline that would take over the domestic operation in the country. SANSA (Servicios Aereos Nacionales S.A.) was born operating two Douglas DC-3s. As LACSA’s “side-kick” domestic airline, SANSA adopted a very Costa Rican livery sporting the flag on the tail of the old DC-3s. After several years SANSA’s management decided to change the DC-3s for the Spanish C-212 Aviocars and the airline even adopted a special livery and a indigenous inspired logo. When parent company LACSA received the first Airbus A-320s in 1990 to replace the Boeing 727-200s, SANSA again adopted a “Costa Rican livery” for its C-212s and later for the Grand Cessna Caravans. In 1991 LACSA and SANSA were purchased by TACA International Airlines and merged into the TACA Group. SANSA adopted several liveries all influenced by the GRUPO TACA new image. In 2012 SANSA was renamed as SANSA Regional as a full member of the TACA Regional group of domestic airlines. In 2013  SANSA Regional’s management decided to go back to basics, to return to the original 100% Costa Rican image and drop the name “Regional”. The new logo was launched on December 17th through the social media sites and in January 2014 the airline will present the new livery on one of its Grand Cessna Caravans. SANSA is trying to recoup the perception that it is not only a Costa Rican carrier, but also the new Flag Carrier of the country after the full absortion of LACSA into the Avianca structure.

SANSA's new logo inspired in Costa Rica's flag and national blue.
SANSA’s new logo inspired in Costa Rica’s flag and national blue.