New Costa Rican Flag Carrier

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Ticos Air will operate a fleet of Airbus A-319s.
Ticos Air will operate a fleet of Airbus A-319s.

SAN JOSE,Costa Rica–In 1945 Pan American World Airways founded LACSA (Lineas Aereas Costarricenses S.A.) that became the Costa Rican flag carrier. For several years LACSA controlled de Costa Rican market (domestic and international) as a true monopoly in the air. In 1992 Costa Rican entrepeneur, Calixto Chaves founded Aero Costa Rica S.A., breaking the monopolistic control of the skies by LACSA. Unfortunatelly the ill-managed airline only survived for five years. LACSA was purchased by the Salvadorian carrier TACA in the early 90s. In 2009 TACA was merged into the Colombian airline Avianca, thus ending the once proud Costa Rican flag carrier. But good news were given by Gino Renzi, the CEO of an airline founded in December 2012 as Ticos Air. In October 2013 Renzi announced Ticos Air would start services first quarter of 2014. Ticos Air will become the new flag carrier of Costa Rica. With a fleet of 5 Airbus A-319s the airline will operate from San Jose to Miami, Newark, Mexico City, Caracas and Havana.

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